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This piece serves as an introduction to explorations into applying techniques to prevent digital art theft on online art-sharing platforms.

The initial problem is quite simple to phrase and explain: “Artists create and post art online, and given the ‘digital’ nature of digital art’s shareability, it is difficult (if not possible) to control the distribution of the work.”

The problem takes many different forms for artists, ranging from simple offenses such as reposts, to more extreme offenses as tracing, unauthorized use in advertisement or sale of products, etc. All of which deserve to be addressed. Perhaps it is the most…

This is in response to Jisu’s post on NFTs.

First, let me start with the fact that I appreciate that someone would spend so much time to research, to learn about, to compile, and then to write a big document that discusses the information involved in NFTs. This is not meant as an attack to you or the work that you did (which I know you did not have to do). I simply wish to respond to the parts of this document you put out that are relevant to my grievances with NFTs. If you don’t end up liking my…


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